Stop Paying People To List Your Press Release
On Free Websites!!!

The truth is that most free sites don't even allow links on your press release! That mean's you are wasting your hard earned money on useless free sites that don't count...

Everyone knows that in order to get the BEST Google rankings, you need to have QUALITY backlinks to your website.


Press Release Distributors now offers distribution to
500+ news sites, including:

We Are The Only Distribution Service That GUARANTEES Inclusion In 100+ News Sites, National, Local, TV, And 20 Social Media Platforms!!

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Improve ROI with our professional Press Release Distribution System.

Now it's your turn to get a share of the vast amount of Internet Targeted Traffic.

Are you happy with Article Marketing?   Probably not!

Press Releases offer quicker improvement in your web traffic, see the differences:

Article Marketing vs. Press Release Marketing

Each Article Directory that you submit to requires a unique article, that means hours must be spent on spinning articles.

You can submit the same Press Release to as many News Sites as desired. No changes are necessary, nor required. This is a great time saving feature.

Articles are submitted to Article Directories without the expectation that they will ever be read. They are there for the Search Engine Bots so they will result in back links.

Press Releases are much more valuable, as they are about changes you have made to your business that you want everyone to know about. They are not there for the sole reason of getting back links, yet they do, and this is an extra perk.

Articles sit in the Directories, and do not get syndicated. They do not get into the hands of the Media, Journalists, and the News Wires.

PRESS RELEASES GO VIRAL!!! They enter the News Wires, and get circulated all over the world.

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